myMairie is an interactive mobile application that allows you to alert, inform and involve your fellow citizens.

Customizable to the colors and specificities of your city,

it is entirely dedicated to Communes and Communities of Communes

The application provides a library with more than twenty features that the town hall can easily and independently, activate or not, modulate and customize.

The application is delivered turnkey.


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réalisées pour la ville de Villefranche-sur-Saône par Rougevert communication

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Simply post city news and integrate your RSS feed A reorganization within the municipal council,...


Allow your citizens to report anomalies by sending geolocated photos of incidents (roads, lighting, uncleanliness)....


Communicate the city calendar and add all your events The weekly programming of the cinema,...

Protection du collaborateur isolé

Protégez le personnel amené à travailler seul. Grace à l'application Mymairie, le personnel qui est...

Instant notifications

Alert your citizens in case of an emergency or a special event. It can select...

Agenda des communes voisines

Informez des événements des villes voisines.   Fêtes, soirées, festivals, brocantes... autant d'événements à ne...

Weather alert

The Mymairie application immediately alerts your citizens in case of a major weather alert.  ...

Practical information

Inform about the public services available, the permanences of your town hall... The municipal team...


List all useful emergency numbers with "Click to call" Simplify the lives of your people...

Canteen Menu

Update the canteen menu instantly accessible by all The menu of school canteens is one...

Administrative procedures

Inform your citizens about the steps to be carried out, the necessary doocuments and the...

Guided Tour

offer a real Audio guide to discover the heritage of your city This feature is...

Guard Shops

Inform about the shops on guard: pharmacies, tobaccos, bakeries and other open shops in the...


Allow your citizens to easily locate the nearest defibrillator, but also to report a defective...


Job Opportunities Make available to your administration the job offers of the town hall

Family Portal

School Delivery Allow your fellow citizens to pay their services quickly and simply via the...

Social networks

Give access to your page and tweets directly from the application   Direct access to...

In pictures…

Publish the most beautiful photos of your city, its events, its environment... It is often...


Publish the city letter or newspaper with one click Finished the tedious distributions of the...


Publish videos of your city, its events, its environment Share videos of your community


Involve locals by creating simple, tailor-made surveys to gather their opinions and impressions Listen and...


Discover your municipality through its heritage, its history, its markets...An exceptional setting of life, a...


Indicate the different means of transportation in your city Everyone can find here, all the...

Waste collection

Indicate the modalities of removal of bulky, the timetable of the dump...It is always difficult...

QR Code

Create QR Code for each event, every place of interest in your city, to signal...

Alerte Covid-19

   Alerte Covid-19   Recevez les alertes relatives au COVID-19 de la commune vous informant...

Air quality

Communicate Communicate constantly on the air quality of your city.


The Virtual ideas box of your municipality Your people may have suggestions to make, ideas...


Chaque citoyen peut organiser sa page d’accueil comme il le souhaite! Chaque citoyen peut paramétrer...


  Partenariat IDVROOM* / MYMAIRIE Vos concitoyens peuvent chercher et proposer un covoiturage directement via...

Directory of elected officials

Facilitate communication between citizens and elected officials Without having to search the Web or in...


Make accessibility easier for your deaf or hearing-impaired citizens Inform your hearing-impaired or deaf citizens...


Ecowatt aide les Français à mieux consommer l’électricité. Véritable météo de l’électricité, Ecowatt qualifie en...

Campagnes SMS

Un système d'envoi de SMS groupés permet d' envoyer simplement un message par texto à tous...


Value the businesses of your municipalityPut your shops in front of a directory and a...

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Thanks to its extensive library of features, its additional menu in direct access and the registration of favorites, Mymairie ® is the most versatile and comprehensive of the applications available on the market.


The automatic resumption of the events of your website and the ease of updating your content, allow you to be autonomous in the management of your application.


With a graphical interface and ergonomic menus, the use of Mymairie ® is intuitive. It can be used easily and simply by all.


Mymairie ® is unique: it includes not only all the usual features but it is the only one to integrate the innovative "SOS" functionality, as well as constant updates and the regular development of new features.


Our rates are based on the size of your city and especially suitable for small and medium-sized agglomerations. They are also without commitment of duration and among the cheapest on the market.


Mymairie ® is fully configurable to your graphic chart. It also gives you the option to choose the configuration of your menus. It is then unique and totally dedicated to each municipality.

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A competitive & evolutionary offer



150.00 €/month

FROM 2 501 TO 5 000


200.00 €/month

FROM 5 001 TO 7 500 


250.00 €/month

FROM 7 501 TO 15 000


300.00 €/month

FROM 15 001 TO 25 000


350.00 €/month

FROM 25 001 TO 50 000


 420.00 €/month 

FROM 50 001 TO 100 000


900.00 €/month

FROM 100 001 TO 500 000


1 500.00 €/month

MORE THAN 500 000


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Rates without taxes, all inclusive, no commitment period


myMairie Citizen mobile application for municipalities