Communicating and informing: the duty of any town hall

87% of the French and therefore citizens, consider it useful the development and use of digital technologies by municipalities (Ipsos survey for Microsoft) but they are only 44% to judge that these services are fairly used by their common .

Mymairie is therefore the ideal tool to satisfy them and to enable you to communicate and inform your citizens efficiently and quickly.

The various features of Mymairie © allow not only to centralize all the practical information of your commune (no useful, emergency n °, plan…), but also to promote its dynamism by the publication of the cultural agenda and Events or by communicating around the opening of new equipment or new shops on your municipality.

The mayor’s editorial or the municipal bulletin, once distributed in the mailboxes and immediately put in the Trash, remake a new youth through the dematerialization. You take it with you wherever you are and you have the possibility to read it anywhere (transport, waiting room…). So many factors that will promote reading – and therefore your communication. Mymairie ® has, moreover, the advantage of being searchable off-line which allows access to information, without connection. Finally, we must not forget that the municipality is above all, for the citizen, a service centre: cultural activities, sports, removal of household refuse, street lighting, road maintenance…

With Mymairie ®, you instantly and directly communicate to your managed smartphone The essential information that will simplify their lives. The alert messages in the event of a problem (seeies, emergency…) that the “Instant Notifications” feature offers is a major advantage of your communication and the essential information that any town hall owes to its administration.