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Create QR Code for each event, every place of interest in your city, to signal geolocalized the work in progress…


The QR code is a type of two-dimensional barcode consisting of black modules arranged in a white-bottomed square. The layout of these points defines the information contained in the code. QR (short for Quick Response) means that the content of the code can be decoded quickly after being read by a mobile phone, smartphone or webcam. Its advantage is to be able to store more information than a barcode and above all data directly recognized by applications, allowing to easily trigger actions such as: Navigating to a website, visiting a website, Show a geographical point on a map, such as Google Maps, watch an online video or multimedia content, connect to a Wi-Fi terminal… (Wikipedia source).

This is an additional way to make the city easier for your fellow citizens. By indicating, for example, the places of interest of your city via a QR Code, you allow geolocations directly, without the user need to search them on a map. This functionality is very useful in the context of road works in particular.