Facilitating the city: the first expectation of citizens

In November 2013, on the eve of the annual Congress of Mayors, the AMF publishes a study which shows that the French believe that their municipality has a direct impact on their daily lives and for 82% on quality of life, services to citizens and equipment ( Cleanliness, crib, green spaces, etc…).

At the same time, an investigation by the CSA Institute conducted for Orange, BFMTV and Le Figaro reveals, that even as the climate is at the "fiscal-the-bowl", eight out of ten French want their community to invest more in digital. "The French are in agreement for strategic spending in relation to the future and that bring a more in the daily," observes Yves-Marie Cann, director in charge of opinion at the CSA Institute. In the first place, voters expect information available on the Internet concerning administrative procedures (73%) or public transport (72%). Between 70% and 60% would also like to be able to consult in real time on the Internet their energy consumption (70%), pollution (68%), waste collection (64%), road traffic (63%), cultural heritage (63%) and parking (62%). The study also shows that no French region escapes these expectations.

"French society has progressively appropriated digital tools, creating new expectations and needs for local communities within the population," said Yves-Marie Cann.

To be concerned with the daily life of citizens is above all to facilitate the city and thus life. It is for this purpose that the Mymairie ® Mobile application has been designed.

Simply access the menu of the school canteen, know the routes and timetables of the public transport, consult the list of administrative documents necessary for a passport, be alerted immediately on his smartphone of the problem of Roads… So many features that are part of Mymairie © and that the municipality can take ownership to meet the daily concerns of these citizens.

and a service that satisfies citizens necessarily benefits the political image of the Chosen one.